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Mixed media media h Easel Art Set 52 pieces - Top ten online gambling regular platform

h easel art set in mixed media 52 pieces

皇家 & Langnickel

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Mixed Media Art sets are perfect for students or aspiring artists to explore their creative side. Generously sized and equipped with all the supplies you need to add a medium h easel.

Size of bag
236 mm x 561 mm x 71 mm

Package Contents

15 colored sheets (5 "x 7")
6 Oil crayons
Acrylic paint tube (5 ml)
6 tubes of watercolor paint (5 ml)
6 Watercolor pencils
3 Graphite pencil
3 golden tower clone brushes
1 Stir the leftover paper
1 12-Well color palette
1. Palette knife
1 Pencil sharpener
The eraser of one
1 Artist's pad
1 Adjustable wooden table frame